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Week 1: March 5th-11th

Week 2 March 12th-18th


Pre- program requirements and reading materials.

1. Watch instructional video on how to use Aldeen Foundation website:

instructional video

And learn how to:

– Navigate the course

– Navigate weekly assignments

– Discussion board

– Uploading and share created materials

2. Watch this video:

استراتيجيات التدريس التفاعلي

Effective teaching strategies


Lina Kholaki


Note:For anyone needs help in designing the assignment or if anyone have any inquires or questions

Office hours:

Tuesday, March 9th @ 5:00-6:00 PM (pacific Day Time)

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Meeting ID:
881 3262 0149

Passcode: Arabic2021


1. Discussion board

click here for Week 1 Discussion

2. List strategies used to engage students the video.

3. Explain why it worked?

4. Specify 2 strategies that you will apply in your classroom with example from your own unit, however address using any online tool to address distance learning instructions.

5. Upload your assignment: